Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. My name is J.P. Choquette, and I write thrillers that turn pages, not stomachs. I have published several full-length suspense novels, a number of short stories and hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers and trade publications during my writing career.

I am (in order): an imperfect Christian, a wife, mother, writer and collector of odd bits of trivia and weird facts.

Since I was old enough to create “books” with staples and crayons, I’ve been an avid writer and voracious reader. Though I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, fiction writing is my passion…and one that I share with others through my writing courses.

I am a lover of Gothic books and movies. I enjoy reading, spending time in old cemeteries, visiting junk shops and drinking hot beverages…just not all at the same time.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you.

If you’re visiting this site, I’m guessing you are:

  • a lover of thriller books
  • interested in cryptozoology and/or the supernatural
  • a lover of mystery books and suspense books
  • a nature lover
  • or just want to relax and go on a hair-raising adventure without leaving your chair

If so, you’re in exactly the right place.

As an avid hiker and native Vermonter I was immediately hooked with this story…recommend this book to any reader with an interest in the outdoors of Vermont or anyone who enjoys a suspenseful read. Great work by the author will be reading more written by her.

Chris J., shadow in the woods

Need an entertainment break or binge?

These atmospheric novels are all set in the heart of rural towns or the middle of the wilderness in Vermont. Perhaps you live here, want to live here or like visiting. Be transported in an instant when you pick up one of my novels, all set in the Green Mountain State.

Covering topics like Bigfoot and other “monsters,” paranormal creatures, and perhaps the most frightening of all, the human psyche, my books offer you an escape for a few minutes, a couple hours or a day. Curl up with a spine-tingling book and a cup of coffee and let yourself check out from reality for awhile.

Scary good! J.P. Choquette delivers a cast of characters that will make you feel like you are right there with them…

R. Brown, Shadow in the woods

Are you a fiction writer?

If so, please be sure to check out my free videos on how to write fiction and other tips for fiction authors. You’ll find a lot of resources to help you on the For Writers page. So many readers and students in my writing classes want to hold their very own novel in their hands. Make this the year your dream is finally a reality!

J.P. is an amazing teacher and writer…very friendly, inspiring and motivating.

Class participant

Whether you’re a reader, a writer or both, I invite you to explore the site, connect with me on social media and sign up for the monthly newsletter. Each month we’ll chat about book recommendations, guest author interviews, upcoming events and more.

Be well,

J.P. Choquette