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Fiction Writing Tips: How to Organize Your Writing Practice

Feel overwhelmed when you think of trying to make time to write? Does your to-do list already overflow daily? The trick is to make writing easier by getting better organized. Today, I’m sharing an easy, free technique that will get you better organized. By spending a few minutes once a week, you’ll gain much more time for writing fiction.

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3 Best Wilderness Survival Thrillers

“Wait, Wilderness Survival Thrillers? Is that even a thing?” Yes it is and yes, I love them. In fact, I’m always on the lookout for new books to read in this category so if you write or have read something you love in this genre, please recommend it to me via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Thriller Book Recommendation: Elly Griffiths & Writing News

Do you ever pick up a thriller novel and just know you’re going to love it? That’s what happened to me recently. I was browsing at the library looking for a copy of Jane Harper’s, The Lost Man. I’m a big fan of Ms. Harper’s, as you might remember from this post and this Thriller Book Recommendation segment.